Changing equations

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    Changing equations
    Changing equations
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    Mumbai - After ward reallocation quite a few equations are changing . For instance just take a look at R north ward where the possibilities are quite interesting. Current Shivsena corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar is from block no1 which is now for women where Deepa Patil can get candidature from Shivssena. Block no 2 will see a tussle between ex- corporator Abhishek Mhatre of Shivsena and Bhawar Kumawat from congress. Block 3 can see Balu Brij from Shivsena against Abhay Chaube of Congress

    Block 4 is for now women obc. It is possible that Sujata Patekar,wife of current corporator Udesh Patekar of Shivsena will get the ticket. Block no 5 can see a fight between Jayesh Nar from Shivsena and Sandesh Kondwilkar from congress. Block no 7 is for women which seem to benefit ex-mayor Shubha Roul

    Block 8 is for men which can benefit Abhishek Ghosalkar of Shivsena whose block no 1 is also partially added to this block.

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