Check Sena’s Vachannama and status

Check Sena’s Vachannama and status

Vachannama – Play groups for children of working parents in every ward.

Status – No implementation but only discussion on this topic.

Vachannama – Balasaheb Thackeray health insurance scheme.

Staus – Shiv Sena could not implement the scheme titled Shiv Aarogya Kavach Yojana in last five years. The name of the scheme is only changed.

Vachannama – Medical college in Govandi’s Shatabdi hospital.

Status – The development in final stages but no proper action was taken in last five years.

Vachannama – Special hospitals for diabetes patients.

Status – All civic hospitals were to be provided this facility but is available only in a few hospitals.

Vachannama – Health services at your door steps.

Status – Such a service already exists as civic mobile ambulances provide this service in every ward.

Vachannama – Sanitary napkin vending machine for women in public toilets.

Status – This process has been started and such machines have been installed in municipal schools across the city.

Vachannama – Garbage processing project at Deonar dumping ground.

Status – No work has been done by the contractor appointed for this reason in last seven years. The said contract was cancelled. The tendering process for this is underway.

Vachannama – Rejuvenation of old wells for day to day use.

Status – Crores of rupees were spent on cleaning and repairing of such wells but the BMC has not used these water sources properly benefiting the tanker lobby.

Vachannama – 24X7 drinking water supply to Mumbaikars; Gargai and Pijal projects to be streamlined.

Status – The said projects were to be completed in 2017 but they presently exist only on paper.

Vachannama – Pumping stations at Mogra and Mahul.

Status – The process in underway since 2007 but both these places are not in the possession of the BMC.

Vachannama – Insurance cover for BEST employees.

Status – Stating the losses to the public transport undertaking, the scheme was declared not feasible.

Vachannama – Joint pass for bus, metro and local train commuting.

Status – The scheme is being only discussed; could not be implemented.

Vachannama – Two wheeler stand for dabbawalas and common people near railway stations.

Status – Implemented at some places like Charni Road and Ghatkopar railway station.

Vachannama – Gharkul scheme for sanitation workers and BMC employees.

Status – The Valmiki scheme for sanitation workers was announced nine years back but they are yet to be benefited.

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