Experiment to increase the votes of BJP under the guise of 'Modi Mitra'?

'Hindu' is affiliated to 'Lodha Foundation'

Experiment to increase the votes of BJP under the guise of 'Modi Mitra'?

An organisation called 'Hindu' has started collecting 'Modi Mitra Report' from voters in Mumbai. Collecting the information of the voters, giving them information about the polling centres along with making arrangements to go to the polls is being done through this. The BJP has clarified that this is not an official program of the party, although the objective is clearly to take care of BJP voters or to increase voter turnout.

'Hindu' is affiliated to 'Lodha Foundation' and some BJP well-wishers have appointed 'Modi Mitra' in South Mumbai and other parts of the city. Through them, the information of voters is being collected by going door to door. An application form is filled in which section the voter lives in, who is the head of the family and names of other family members, their mobile numbers and other information.

The report should also record the details of the response of the electorate after visiting the house and the experience. These 'Modi friends' are also given campaign materials to reach the voters and public relations and the information is also contained in this application. Where is the electoral centre of the voter? What is an Election ID Number? Information about the arrangement to take to the centre on the polling day is being filled in this report.

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It is believed that BJP-friendly voters are estimated from this survey and efforts will be made to make them come to vote. It is said that Lodha is the Election Campaign Head of South Mumbai Lok Sabha Constituency and the organisations working for him have started door to door voter public relations activities through 'Modi Mitra'.

There is no official program of the party
Some office bearers of the organisation enthusiastically started this program for the election campaign. But Lodha told Loksatta that this is not an official program of BJP. A state functionary of the BJP also said on condition of anonymity that it was not a party initiative or an election programme. A leader, an office bearer, may have started the initiative at his own level. BJP has appointed at least 10 booth-wise workers and an extensive public relations campaign is going on through them, the official said.

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