Half of defected corporators preferred to join Sena

Half of defected corporators preferred to join Sena

Mumbai - Just ahead of the BMC elections, as many as 30 corporators from different political parties have shifted their loyalties and lifted their new party flags flashing victory signs. Some of them did this fearing backlash from the electorates while some others became turncoats after denied tickets by their parties. This trend of jumping parties started even before the break-up of the alliances and continued until last day of filing nomination forms. As many as 30 corporators from the MNS, the Shiv Sena, the Congress and the NCP have changed their parties ahead of BMC polls. The political parties which have suffered the most from these turncoat corporators are – the MNS and the Congress. Each of these parties has lost their eight corporators followed by Shiv Sena (4), Samajwadi Party and NCP (3) and Independents (4). Half of these defecting corporators (15) have preferred to join the Shiv Sena while nine others have joined the BJP.
Corporators who joined Shiv Sena are Geeta Chavhan, Suresh Awale, Chetan Kadam, Ishwar Tayde, Deepak Pawar, Bala Amberkar, Yogita Bhoir, Bhomsingh Rathod, Riddhi Khursunge, Sandhya Doshi, Savita Sharad Pawar, Vijay Tandel, Lalmita Annamalai, Makrand Narvekar and Shantaram Patil.
Corporators who joined the BJP include Prakash Darekar, Sukhada Pawar, Bhalchandra Ambore, Sagarsingh Thakur, Keshriben Patel, Sunita Yadav, Nana Ambole, Dinesh Panchal and Leena Shukla.
The Congress party has also welcomed corporators from other parties including Ashraf Azmi and Dilshad Azmi. The NCP also had incoming of corporators like Neha Patil and Vakil Shaikh while Vakarunnisa Ansari joined the AIMIM. Vishwas Ghadigaonkar, a Shiv Sena corporator, joined the MNS.