Sanjay Raut prepared to send a list with names of 120 BJP leaders to the ED

Shiv Sena MP, Raut, responded after the ED questioned Pratap Sarnaik regarding a case. He called this a 'Political Vendetta' and stated that the party members are not afraid of the raids.

Sanjay Raut prepared to send a list with names of 120 BJP leaders to the ED

In response to the current lashing between Shiv Sena and BJP regarding the ED-investigations, Shiv Sena leader MP Sanjay Raut, on Wednesday, November 25, stated that once all the inquiries are completed he would send a list with a name of 120 leaders to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Ministry of Finance, and later see if the ED sends a notice to any of them. The statement was made in response to the challenge to the BJP. 

Sharing more and referring to the raid on Shiv Sena spokesperson Pratap Saranaik's house and office by the ED, Raut targeted the BJP once again. Addressing the media, he said that the action taken by the ED against Saranaik at the behest of the Center was an attempt by the BJP to politicize Maharashtra by putting pressure on key leaders. Sarnaik has revealed that the ED is investigating the case which does not involve him.

Raut called this a Political Vendetta and said that Sarnaik has clarified no involvement in the case, and they are not afraid of investigation. He added that the members in BJP think that Marathi-speaking people shouldn’t be involved in the business, and if there is such a thought, they'd be under the ED scanner and finished.

Sharing more, he also questioned if the ED will take action against those whose wealth has increased exponentially in just one year, and those who fled the country through scams? Commenting on the same, he stated that the current political game is of revenge, and this wouldn't work in Maharashtra.

He went on to say that he wouldn't be surprised if the ED send him a notice and several have asked him about the same, and about Ajit Pawar or anyone else gets a notice. "I have learned that work is underway to dig cases and events from the history, and we are ready too. Let all these inquiries be completed, after which I will send the list of names of 120 leaders of the ruling party to the ED and the Ministry of Finance. Let's see if the ED sends a notice to any of them," added Sanjay Raut.