BMC polls: Abu Azmi claims tall

  • BMC polls: Abu Azmi claims tall

Mumbai – How to dream big without expecting the results should be learnt from Samajwadi Party’s state president Abu Asim Azmi. Let political analysists say anything, the SP will bag 90 seats in the BMC elections. In fact, the party is contesting on only these many seats and Azmi is claiming 100 result. Under Mumbai Live’s ‘Ungli Uthao’ initiative, Abu Azmi participated in the YouTube and Facebook Live chat. While addressing a volley of questions from Mumbai Live, Azmi replied each one them in his well-known style. He admitted that male mentality is responsible for the increasing number of crimes against women but he also reiterated his stand that women wearing short dresses are also responsible such incidents. Azmi claimed that the MIM’s dream not to let the Samajwadi Party open its account in the BMC this time will remain only a dream. He instead claimed that his party would stop the BJP and the Shiv Sena from winning these polls.

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