Is affordable housing in Mumbai a pipe dream?

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    Dadar - In the segment of 'Mumbai Naka' present with us were Actor Jayvant Wadkar, Milind Tulaskar, BJP Mumbai Vice-President, Economist Anil Gachke. The topic of the discussion was 'affordable homes for the Mumbaikars.'

    A few days ago while addressing a rally CM Fadnavis stated,"We've had enough of this high-rise, posh apartments... The rich class can and will build homes on their own, but we want to give houses to the urban poor".
    In the programme, Jayant Wadkar said," condition of police colony in the city is lamentable." Shiv Sena leader Arvind Neskar commented one must stop the practice of accepting bribes which are prevalent in this section. 
    Milind Tulaskar said the government is working to avail every poor Mumbaikar a house of his own. Even the cops will have their dream house. Economist Anil Gachke expressed his opinion saying, it's very hard to build the home in Mumbai and not all of Mumbaikars have home due to which they are thrown out of Mumbai. 


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