Bol Mumbai: Will PM Modi be re-elected?

With the upcoming polls, the question of the hour has always been 'Will Modi be re-elected as the PM?' Here's what the people of Mumbai have to say


Will Narendra Modi be re-elected as the PM? A question that has been rhetoric for many people, has varied perspectives. With some people firmly believing that it is inevitable as there is no strong opposition, others don't agree to it as they believe that GST and Demonetisation have been a blow to businesses.  

A resident of Dadar also stated that PM Modi will 100 per cent get more than 400 seats this year. He further said that it is a need of the hour and they don't see any strong competitor. 

A student said that there are great chances of PM Narendra Modi being re-elected as the growth of the economy as compared to the previous government has been tangible even though it’s mere 1 or 2 per cent.