Bol Mumbai: Mukesh Ambani as the PM of India?

Mumbaikars believe that Mukesh Ambani has achieved a lot as a businessman but he won't be an able candidate to lead India politically


India's business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani, has a close relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His company, Reliance Industries, has several tie-ups with the current government, therefore, we wanted to delve deep into people's thoughts about him and their views about Asia's richest man becoming the Prime Minister of India. 

We asked many people for their opinion and not-so-surprisingly, everyone agreed to one point that Mukesh Ambani has reached great heights as a businessman but he won't be the right candidate to lead India politically. 

A resident said that even though Mukesh Ambani can acquire any position he wants, but it won't be for the welfare of the country as a businessman always tends to think about himself and his company first before the country as a whole.

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