BJP blames Sena for not enabling Mumbai's Shanghai makeover

    Vasant Smruti
    BJP blames Sena for not enabling Mumbai's Shanghai makeover
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    Dadar - The city of Shanghai has inked several MoUs with Mumbai to turn the city into a modern metropolis a la Shanghai.

    But BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari claimed at a media conference on Monday that the BMC has not given a positive response to efforts in this direction in the last two and half years. Are ‘some people’ afraid of losing the dumping ground if advanced technology comes in, he questioned, obliquely targeting the Shiv Sena ahead of the BMC elections.

    Bhandari said that the Shanghai authorities had shown their interest in development of Mumbai's waste management, sewer water treatment, transportation systems. An MoU  was also signed between these two cities but the BMC has taken no concrete steps in this direction in last two and the half years, alleged Bhandari and sought answers to his queries. He added that the BMC lifts 8000 metric tonnes of garbage every day, yet the city is strewn with garbage. Lakhs of litres of sewer water are released into the Arabian sea, he alleged. 

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