Besides Pawar vs. Pawar, here are other 'uncle-nephew' duo betrayal cases in Maharashtra Politics

Trust between NCP Leaders Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar has created a stir in the state and political scenario. But there are other names from different political parties who have broken their trust in return for political power.


Trust is an important aspect in politics and often members in the political parties have misused the same to pave their way, for the game. It is a game where neither can one be called a friend or nor can one be an enemy for a long time. Recent events in the Maharastra government formation also reflect the same, as BJP overnight formed a government with the help of NCP leader Ajit Pawar. However, until last night it was said that Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray will become the Chief Minister, and this was due to the alliance of Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress.

As per reports, around 10-12 NCP leaders joined Ajit Pawar in this event, and owing to this, NCP Chief Sharad Pawar expressed his disappointment, thereby stating that this wasn't expected from his nephew. Furthermore, Sharad Pawar mentioned that he was not aware of these tactics and assured that the party would definitely take action regarding the same.

But Ajit and Sharad Pawar are not the only uncle-nephew duo who have had differences. Back in days, there have been other politicians who have faced similar trust issues. Here are some more uncle-nephew duo who broke their loyalty in return for political power. 

Gopinath Munde and Dhananjay Munde

Besides Ajit Pawar, NCP leader Dhananjay Munde has also played a very important role in making Devendra Fadnavis,  the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, as he allegedly showed strong support to the BJP. Dhananjay Munde, who has also been the leader of NCP in the Legislative Council, betrayed his uncle Gopinath Munde's trust. He was a prominent BJP leader in Maharashtra and at the Center. Dhananjay Munde also started his political career with the BJP and has also been the President of Maharashtra Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. But in the year 2012, Dhananjay left the BJP party of uncle Gopinath Munde and joined the NCP in the presence of Sharad Pawar.

Sunil Tatkare and Avdhut Tatkare

Sunil Tatkare is a prominent NCP leader in and a member of the Lok Sabha. He was once the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, Energy and Minister of Finance and Planning both in the state. Sunil Tatkare's nephew Avdhoot Tatkare was also an MLA from the NCP earlier from Shrivardhan assembly seat. However, Avdhoot Tatkare joined Shiv Sena before the 2019 assembly elections.

Jaydutt Kshirsagar and Sandeep Kshirsagar

Jayadatta Kshirsagar joined the Shiv Sena in May, after resigning as MLA from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). After which he was also a part of the cabinet with Devendra Fadnavis. Sandeep Kshirsagar, nephew of Jayadatta contested assembly elections on NCP ticket; and both Jayadatta and Sandip contested from Beed assembly. While Jayadatta contested on the Shiv Sena ticket, Sandip contested on the NCP ticket. Jayadatta had to face defeat in this election.

Balasaheb Thackeray and Raj Thackeray

Everyone is aware of Raj Thackeray's political connections and relationship with Shiv Sena chief late Balasaheb Thackeray. After Uddhav Thackeray was made the Shiv Sena President, Raj Thackeray broke his ties with the Shiv Sena and formed a new party of his own, which he named the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

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