What has MNS ever done for Marathi manus: MIM MLA Waris Pathan

MIM MLA Waris Pathan partially backed MNS on hawker's issue in an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live


In an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) MLA Waris Pathan questioned Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s president Raj Thackeray, “What has the party ever done for Marathi manus?”. Apart from this, he also spoke on the controversial Vande Matram row.

During an interview, Pathan remarked that it is not MNS but MIM party who has worked hard for Marathi manus. He added that MIM party workers, corporators, and MLAs have worked hard for people.

Raj Thackeray should have filed a petition

Speaking on hawkers’ issue, Pathan said that MNS cannot take the law into their hands and beat up people. If MNS wanted to raise a question about the same, then they should have filed a petition in the Bombay High Court.

I will beat up the person who will slap me

On one hand, Pathan said that MNS only beats up people but on the other hand, he himself said that if anyone slaps him on one side of the cheek, he will not follow Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of offering the other side but will beat the person black and blue instead.

Pathan partially supported MNS’ stand about hawkers

Though he did not back MNS' style per se, he cleared himself about the same saying that illegal hawkers should not go unpunished.

I second Supreme Court’s order about Ram Mandir issue

Ram Mandir issue is once again in news and SC has ordered to solve the issue outside the court. When Pathan was asked about his stand, he said that his party gracefully accepts the SC’s decision.

Apart from these points, MIM MLA Waris Pathan spoke on many raging issues. Click here to watch his full interview: