PM only lays foundation stone - Sanjay Nirupam

PM only lays foundation stone - Sanjay Nirupam

Mumbai - As BMC elections are nearing by, political parties have started indulging in blame game. Eyeing the elections, BJP is planning to inaugurate various projects at the hands of PM in the month of November. However, NCP and Congress are criticizing the BJP move. “PM only lays the foundation stone and the project remains pending”, said Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam. While, NCP leader Nawab Malik said that it’s high time, Mumbaikars will not depend on announcements. “All these years, these (congress-NCP) parties had power, yet they did not do anything. So they should not criticize other parties. Mumbai is going to develop only under the BJP’s reign”, replied BJP’s MLA Madhu Chavhan.

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