Sanjay Nirupam releases a Booklet on the Corrupt leaders in the BJP

Nirupam listed down corruption charges against each of them ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mumbai.

Sanjay Nirupam releases a Booklet on the Corrupt leaders in the BJP

On the eve of Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mumbai setting the stage, Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam today released a booklet exposing the deep-rooted corruption in the BJP. This booklet enlists a significant number of BJP leaders with serious corruption charges against them.

Sanjay Nirupam said, “Corruption is the mutual belief shared by the BJP leaders which exists at every level in the party. It is extremely disheartening to watch that the innocent people who have voted for the BJP in the past are now paying its price. We intend to create awareness among the people about such corrupt leaders so that they can take an informed decision in the future”.

“The Prime Minister has spent almost Rs. 4300 Crores on publicity alone. Clearly, this amount of money has been used to hide all the wrong doings of the BJP Govt. The figures show that the Govt is the only one living the ‘Achhe Din’ promised by them and the people are paying for it since the Chief Minister is refraining from taking any action against the corrupt”, added Nirupam.

The booklet reiterated the failures of the Modi Govt focusing on factors like lowest agricultural growth (1.9%) under the BJP Govt as compared to a growth of 4.2% during the Congress rule, failure in waiving off the farm loans, continued bank scams and the Govt’s decision to stay mum on such repeated issues, soaring fuel prices, failures in controlling naxal attacks and increasing violence against the members belonging to the scheduled castes, among others.

Charges of corruption in the Chikki Scam worth Rs. 206 Crores against Minister of Women and Child Welfare Pankaja Munde, Corruption charges in the Lokmangal Scam worth Rs. 110 Crores against Cooperative, textile and Marketing Minister Subhash Deshmukh, corruption charges in the FSI Scam worth Rs. 500-800 Crores against Housing Minister Prakash Mehta, Corruption charges in the Bosri land scam worth Rs. 40 Crore against Former Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse, corruption charges in the Fire Extinguisher Scam worth Rs.191 Crores against Education Minister Vinod Tawde, corruption charges worth Rs. 4000 Crore against Guardian Minister Girish Bapat and corruption charges in the Employment Scam and Raincoat Scam worth Rs. 300 Crores and Rs. 6000 Crores respectively against Minister for Tribal Development Vishnu Savara among others are stated in detail in the booklet.

Calling the BJP Govt a ‘curse to the common man’, the Mumbai Congress Unit chief has urged the people to see how the BJP leaders, along with the businessmen of the country are filling their coffers while farmers and the common man continue to struggle to make ends meet.

Along with this booklet, other two booklets about Corruption at the central level and the BMC level were released as well. The BMC claims to have spent Rs. 2605 Crore on Waste Management, Rs. 3311 Crores on Health Facilities, Rs. 2311 Crore on Education, Rs. 5061 Crore on Water supply and Rs. 3286 Crore on Road and Skywalk Constructions. The Mumbai Congress Chief has questioned the actual amount spent on development in Mumbai as the Mumbaikars continue to suffer despite everything.

Sanjay Nirupam released these booklets ahead of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mumbai on Tuesday which is one of the most awaited events for the Congress party workers across the city. During his visit, Rahul Gandhi will address almost 15,000 booth-level workers.

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