Sena Slams PM Modi in Saamana Editorial Over Loss of Jobs and Economic Slowdown

Sena Slams PM Modi in Saamana Editorial Over Loss of Jobs and Economic Slowdown

With coronavirus fueling record unemployment numbers, the Shiv Sena has questioned the Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an editorial posted on the party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’. 

The editorial said that the Government may need to call in the Army to face hungry “Swadeshi” people coming out of their homes in protest. 

“If the government does not solve them, a day will come when the government may need to call the Army to face the ‘Swadeshi’ force of hungry people coming out of their houses,” it said.

Saying that 14 crore people have lost their jobs during the pandemic, the editorial added - “It would have been nice if PM Narendra Modi would have spoken on these issues in his 90-minute speech on Independence Day.”

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It’s no secret that the Central Government has been under tremendous criticism for the handling of the coronavirus as well as the economy. The economy was already on a downward spiral before the COVID-19 pandemic was declared earlier this year, and one may argue that any notion of an economic comeback was set back by several months, if not years, due to the widespread nationwide lockdowns that were enforced to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

While the Finance Ministry has waived off EMIs and other dues (for some groups), it’s clear that job creation as well as rebuilding the economy is the only possible way to get back on track. It goes without saying that a robust testing regimen is required to reopen the economy safely. 

India has currently surpassed 3 crore COVID-19 tests as per data put out by the Health Ministry recently. While the pandemic is far from over, the growth rate has decreased in several parts of the world. However, Maharashtra reached an unfortunate milestone recently by surpassing 20,000 COVID-19 deaths. 

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