Shiv Sena leader mocks Raj Thackeray stating Sharad Pawar has the 'cure to every ailment'

The comment was passed by Abdul Sattar after MNS Chief Raj Thackeray spoke to NCP chief Sharad Pawar regarding the electricity bill issues in the state. As per reports, Governor Koshyari has suggested Raj Thackeray to speak with Pawar for the issues.

Shiv Sena leader mocks Raj Thackeray stating Sharad Pawar has the 'cure to every ailment'

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief, Raj Thackeray, recently met the State Governor, Bhagat Singh Koshyari to discuss the issue of increasing electricity bill in the state. Following this meeting, he also spoke to Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) President Sharad Pawar regarding the same. As per reports, it is said that the same was followed on the advice of Governor  Koshyari.

Reacting to this conversation by Raj Thackeray, leaders from Shiv Sena said that Sharad Pawar has a solution for every problem. It is said that Raj Thackeray and his delegation met the Governor to understand the issues related to the electricity bills, and stated that many people in the state have lost their jobs due to the lockdown, and as a result, the common man has no money in these tough times.

Moreover, those who used to get INR 1,000 as the electricity bill per month have got a bill of INR 10,000, and some who were getting INR 5,000 as the bill, have got an invoice of INR 25,000. Considering the situation, power companies in the state should come up with a solution for the betterment of the people. Raj Thackeray demanded that the state government should make efforts for this. He sought Governor's thought on the same and asked him to inform the government in this regard.

Following the conversation, Governor advised Raj Thackeray to talk to Sharad Pawar about the matter. As of now, Raj Thackeray has only called Pawar to discuss the issue, however, nothing is being spoken about his visit as he is out of town.

Sharing a third person's thought, Minister of State and Shiv Sena leader Abdul Sattar, while talking to the media, targeted Raj Thackeray, and said that he might have had difficulty in approaching Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, which is why the Governor would have advised him to go speak to Sharad Pawar, as has a 'cure for every ailment.'

MNS leaders are agitated about the electricity bills, representatives of BEST, Adani and other power companies met. Talking about the same, Raj Thackeray, told the media that these companies should show readiness giving concessions in electricity bills if the same is approved by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission. MNS delegation has also met the officials from MERC, who have also shown positivity. But the government has not yet decided, and the process is currently underway.

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