Vinayak Mete leads Shiv Sangram


Dadar - He is an MLC, he formed his own party, he worked for Nationalist Congress party and Bharatiya Janta Party. He is currently positioned as the President of Shivaji Memorial committee. He is none other than a leader who favours Maratha reservation, Vinayak Mete.

Vinayak Mete visited Mumbai Live on Saturday and encountered different questions on various topics asked in 'Ungli Uthao' show. He did answer them diligently. He talked about his newly formed party 'Shiv Sangram' and said it loud and clear that the reason for forming the party is that he has different issues to focus upon, unlike other parties. Mete has asked BJP for 12 seats to contest upon in the upcoming BMC election. Let's see if the newly formed party will bring any luck for Vinayak Mete.

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