What can Mumbai expect from the Budget?

What can Mumbai expect from the Budget?

Mumbai- Both the Union budget and the rail budget will be presented on 1 February. Mumbaikars have kept their fingers crossed for a budget that will be in the common man’s favour.
Here are some expectations, bitter and sweet, that Mumbaikars have from the budget.

  • Rs 500 crore expected to be allotted to curb the traffic in Metro cities.
  • Special funds expected to be announced for the Road Safety Programme.
  • For claiming concession in railways, Aadhar card could be made mandatory.
  • Announcements to increase the speed of trains on Delhi-Howrah and Mumbai rail routes.
  • The Harbour- Western connecting railway work to be completed by March.
  • 5th and 6th railway line on Diva -Thane is expected to be completed by December.
  • Funds expected to announce to increase the height of the railway platforms.
  • Cabinet could approve the MUTP-3 project.
  • Special provision for AC local trains.
  • Even bus stops could be Wifi enabled.
  • Fares of platform tickets could be increased.
  • Railway traveling fares could go up.
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