Will Mumbai vote in the sweltering heat?

    Will Mumbai vote in the sweltering heat?
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    Mumbai- Temperatures in Mumbai has spiked up in the past few days as Mumbai recorded the second hottest day in February on Saturday with 38.8 deg C. But the city has been witnessing the BMC election campaign gaining too much heat over the past few weeks. Mumbai will come out to vote on 21st February, but will the weather be kind to them? If the temporary heat wave continues, voters might just prefer to stay indoors. The highest temperature for February in the last 10 years is 39.1 degrees Celsius, recorded in 2012.

    V K Rajeev, Director of IMD Mumbai said it was the continuing easterly winds which was the reason for this spike in maximum temperatures.
    Hope Mumbai brings about a change in their outlook as well as the fortunes of the city by coming out to vote.

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