Canny builder under SRA scanner

Canny builder under SRA scanner

Mumbai - The Slum Rehabilitation Authority has instructed a builder to stop the sale of flats, charging him of using more than the approved floor space index (FSI).
Kumar Mordani, who started his firm in 2009, claimed he had all the approvals. The builder had a total of 230 properties, including 224 godowns, 2 welfare centres, 2 government balwadis and 2 society offices. Mordani was the first builder to exploit a little-known provision in the Development Control Rules which allowed higher FSI to a developer for constructing transit tenements on another plot and handing them over to the SRA free of cost. In August 2013, the controversial rule allowed Mordani to build 60,000 square feet on a narrow 6,000 sq ft plot or 10 times the plot area. Kumar has been held accountable and under the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Policies (MRTP) Act, strict action will be initiated against him, SRA chief Vishwas Patil told Mumbai Live.

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