500 Dabbawalas in Mumbai Get Free Oral Health Screening, Counseling

Indian Dental Association and Jain Alpsankhyak Seva Sanstha provided a free oral health checkup aiming to promote oral health and provide necessary care for the dabbawalas.

500 Dabbawalas in Mumbai Get Free Oral Health Screening, Counseling
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In order to give 500 dabbawalas oral health examination, the Indian Dental Association and the Jain Alpsankhyak Seva Sanstha collaborated on Sunday, January 29 to organise a camp for them. The dabbawalas, famed for their tiffin delivery business, had a thorough examination and dental consultation for free in Mumbai.

To help the dabbawalas improve their general dental health, a counselling and tobacco cessation session were also part of the checkup.

The event was organized with the aim of promoting oral health awareness among the dabbawalas and ensuring that they receive the proper care they need. The Indian Dental Association, through its Secretary Dr. Ashok Dhoble, ensured that records of all dabbawalas who attended the checkup would be kept to monitor their progress.

According to Dr. Dhoble, the free oral health checkup was held to benefit the dabbawalas and help them maintain good oral health. He emphasized the importance of oral health and how it can impact overall well-being. During the checkup, those with pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions were advised to undergo a biopsy, a critical step in detecting and treating oral cancer.

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