This man from Ghatkopar took to cleaning public spaces in Mumbai for 3 hours every day

Arun Nagunde, an ordinary citizen from Ghatkopar has vowed to observe cleanliness in Mumbai and spends three hours of his day and has been giving shape to his determination by cleaning the premises of various railway stations, metro stations, hospitals, schools and colleges for four years without a break

This man from Ghatkopar took to cleaning public spaces in Mumbai for 3 hours every day

With a mask on and a pair of gloves adorning his hands, he picks up a broom and puts it to use by sweeping the surrounding area every day. We are not talking about a sanitation worker here. This is the story of an ordinary citizen just like any of us, who has a respectable job and also a private life. But what sets him apart the rest of us is his love for his city and the desire to contribute to the society. The name of this incredible soul is Arun Nagunde.

Arun lives in Ghatkopar's Bhatwadi area and has an unusual morning routine — waking up every morning and cleaning the surrounding premises. You can catch a glimpse of him sweeping at Ghatkopar railway station or catch him picking litter or wiping red paan stains outside Jagruti Nagar metro station.

I started out cleaning by taking care of the area surrounding Bhatwadi four years ago. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, it fueled even more energy into me as I began expanding my work to places like Tata Cancer Hospital; I launched many cleanliness campaigns in the course like one outside CSTM, Ghatkopar railway station as well as various schools and colleges.

When I learned that Dombivali ranks amongst the top 10 dirtiest cities in India, I visited the railway station and started the clean-up work at the Dombivali East foot-over-bridge. I think that if each one of us cares about the cleanliness of our surroundings just as much we care about the cleanliness of our homes, no city would ever be tagged as ‘dirty’. Rather than blaming the government and its inefficiency, we must be responsible citizens take the matter into our own hands by improving the situation.” Arun told Mumbai Live.

Arun has always been fond of cleanliness and inclined towards keeping his surroundings neat and tidy. He explains why India holds a dull image globally because of its griminess. “When foreigners come to our country, they hold their noses in disgust,” he says. Therefore, he has vowed to keep his city clean, even if it means going to the most remote areas for the job. Arun has been consistent with his vow of social service and has never looked back since. He has also been felicitated with a medal by Jagruti Nagar metro station for his work.

PM Modi launched the national cleanliness campaign Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan with huge pomp and show but the movement lost its value soon as the ministers now take it for granted. Arun told Mumbai Live how he is grieved every time he finds anyone littering at railway tracks, streets, or other public places, as a result of which every spot has become a dumpster in the city.

Arun also started his cleanliness drive from his city, Mumbai, similar to Gadge Maharaj. Apart from the government, fellow Mumbaikars also need to support him in his noble endeavour. Arun believes that if every citizen wholeheartedly gives force to this movement, the dream to see Mumbai dirt and litter-free is not distant.

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