Ascent for women at The SheMaker 2022 Summit

The Summit this year is aiming to connect women with leading employers who are committed to building a workforce irrespective of gender.

Ascent for women at The SheMaker 2022 Summit

With a view to stringing together growth advice and opportunities from a cross-section of the Indian industry for women involved in manufacturing, The SheMaker Summit ‘22 will showcase success stories and gender-neutral business practices as it gets off the ground virtually on May 26, 2022.

As an enabler, The SheMaker Summit, now in its third season, has been striving to carve out a gender-equal space of business where top organizations can interact, innovate, collaborate and celebrate successes of fellow-women professionals so that they are adequately inspired to share the leadership of India’s inevitable manufacturing spurt in the future. The SheMaker Summit is a pioneering platform where women have equal power and voice as makers and leaders. The Summit this year is aiming to connect women with leading employers who are committed to building a workforce irrespective of gender.

Here are excerpts from a recent study by Mckinsey & Co. that underpins the global call for equality at workplace: “Despite this added stress and exhaustion (following the outbreak of COVID-19), women are rising to the moment as stronger leaders and taking on the extra work that comes with this: compared with men at the same level, women are doing more to support their teams and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Yet this critical work is going unrecognized and unrewarded by most companies, and that has concerning implications. Companies risk losing the very leaders they need right now, and it’s hard to imagine organizations navigating the pandemic and building inclusive workplaces if this work isn’t truly prioritized.”

To sensitise Industry to the importance and significance of the involvement of women in manufacturing and at the same time educate, enable, engage and promote their business initiatives has been the calling of The SheMaker Summit conceptualized three years ago. The Summit is an outcome of the collective aspirations of women achievers of People Konnect, an organization that has been underlining the need for inclusion in the business space.

At the same time, The SheMaker ’22 summit will be also hosting SheMaker Awards that will bring organizations on a pan-Indian platform to showcase their inclusive practices through which they recognize the achievements and contributions of women working in the manufacturing sector, at shop floors and in supply chain as well. There will also be a Career Fair which will give opportunities to women at junior, mid & senior levels.

“The purpose of the Summit is to recognize the achievements of women professionals involved in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, engineering, and operations. Equal access to rewards, resources and opportunities and be far removed from stereotyping men and women has been a calling of India Inc. for many years, “but the time indeed has come to put it to real-time practice without being prejudiced.” said Anjali Gulati, Founder & CEO, People Konnect.

“We are hoping to set a trend that would bring about gender diversity in terms of employment and business opportunities in a mutually rewarding and collaborative manner,” Purba Bhattacharya, COO, People Konnect, said.

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