28-year-old lawyer's progressive forum helps address and resolve civic issues

Criminal defence lawyer Trivankumar Karnani launched the 'Mumbai North Central District Forum' to address civic issues and cast light on problems people face on a daily basis

28-year-old lawyer's progressive forum helps address and resolve civic issues

The 28-year-old criminal defence lawyer is a guy next door who takes his job very seriously. Where many lawyers are part of the corporate rut, Trivankumar Karnani works for the people (for free) and tries to resolve their civic problems.

When I was pursuing law from Rizvi college (Mumbai), I often saw how the concerned governing bodies used to act deaf to public complaints. There was lot of apathy. I always wanted to do something for the society, and use my knowledge for the betterment of the society. Hence, I came up with Mumbai North Central District Forum,” Trivankumar Karnani, Founder. 

The launch of Mumbai North Central District Forum 

"It was launched on Twitter in 2013-14 and in the span of four-five years, the forum got 2,500 followers. When I started this forum, I started taking up issues concerning the interest of the public at large, resolving public grievances, getting in touch with our elected representatives. I used to receive complaints from the citizens and I used to forward them to the elected representatives. I always tell them that if they fail to act on the complaint, I will have to take legal action."

As he was known for his selfless work, in no time, his forum garnered support and followers. Among the citizens, many celebrities followed the forum. One such is former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli who now helps Karnani in solving public grievances and is a follower as well.

I know him for a long time and I have been following his good work. Once, I was driving near Mehboob studios (Bandra) and I got a flat tyre, thanks to the potholes. I immediately send the photos to Trivan, he then forwarded it to the concerned authorities. The very same evening, the potholes were covered by using temporary asphalt. I feel this forum brings about progressive change in the locality,” Vinod Kambli, Former Cricketer. 


Kambli said that there is no speed breaker installed near Bandra’s Lilavati Hospital due to which, it becomes difficult for the patients to cross the road. Hence, he would be accompanying Karnani and meet Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Ajoy Mehta and recommend him to install a non-fibre speed breaker near Lilavati Hospital.

Multitasking Persona 

"I check my forum thrice a day. Once, before going to the court, then during my lunch break and once, after court hours. On a daily basis, I receive 10-15 complaints and I try my best to resolve all by forwarding it to the concerned authorities and following up about the same.

He humbly puts that so far his forum has resolved 1500 complaints. 

Traivankumar has decided to help more citizens and hence, his forum takes filtered complaints across Mumbai, which requires urgent attention and is influencing the society at large. 

People at large ignore civic issues until it starts affecting them directly. I feel if people like Trivankumar Karnani can dedicate their time and effort into helping the society and developing our surroundings, we are equally responsible to help him bring in a change. Henceforth, if you see any pothole or crack on the road or around you, instead of abusing the authorities and doing nothing about it, bring to their notice.