Quarantined resident from Kandivali shares a first-hand experience of being locked in a containment zone

A few days back, one of the residents from Kandivali's Mahavir Nagar, tested positive. BMC officials reached the spot and sealed the locality asking everybody to stay home. A resident from the society, who is a Mumbai Live reader, shares her experience.

Quarantined resident from Kandivali shares a first-hand experience of being locked in a containment zone

The number of coronavirus cases in the state has grown exponentially and with the city of Mumbai showing 60 per cent of those cases. The local municipal corporation, BMC, along with the state government officials have taken strict measures to ensure people do not leave the house, unless necessary. Moreover, to curb and control the community spread, many areas in Mumbai have been sealed as containment zones, where residents are not allowed to exit and enter the premises, under any normal circumstances.

As per a recent update, it is being said that one of the buildings in Kandivali's Mahavir Nagar area, was sealed as some residents tested positive for COVID19. One of the readers of Mumbai Live, who lives in the premises, shared first-hand information and experience of the situation and how the entire building is dealing with the crisis under strict observation. As per our editorial guidelines, we chose not to disclose the name of the building and the patient. Further, the reader too preferred to keep her identity anonymous.

On being asked about the first thought people in the residential complex had when they were informed about this condition, she said, "We were all a bit scared, as this was quite unexpected. We did see the neighbour a couple of times during this period, on the premises, while he was either taking a walk or going to buy groceries, wherein some mentioned that he also interacted with some of his close friends in the premises. Initially, he tested positive and now two of his family members have also tested. They have been taken to the isolation facility. News about them has created a panic, however, the officials have informed us about the details like the dos and don'ts. We hope everything slowly starts getting back to normal."

Whilst finding out about the difference in behaviour amongst the residents, she added, "There was some panic initially, as it was just once case. However, people used to avoid communicating about it. But with two more cases being identified in one more day, the situations is even more intense. Since I and my family live a floor close to the patients' apartment, we were often asked about their condition and questions were raised if we had communicated with them or not, and this is normal as I believe, it was just out of concern. Nothing otherwise."

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Since the outbreak began in India and across the world; doctors, government officials and experts have emphasised only one aspect - social distancing. Talking about how their society is following the same, she said, "Now, we all are at home always and are not allowed to leave the house even to get the groceries and essentials. They are brought to us as and when needed, but many of us have enough stock to sustain until April 19, 2020. Gathering in the premises or going to the terrace is also restricted, and residents have been given enough warnings about the same. We have one point of contact with the BMC officials and he informs us about the updates and details, once he gets something. The regulations now are quite tight."

More than 240 areas in Mumbai have been tagged as no-go zones, to ensure that the spread of the virus is contained. It is also observed that many more areas will be sealed over the next few days as BMC feels it is important to curb the spread to other areas. But for these containment areas, BMC officials are planning door to door testing to ensure they do not miss any case. "We had received a message on the day we were quarantined, and they have told us that the tests will begin soon. But we have not got updates as such. But considering the situation, I hope we all are tested soon, as it will be a good relief for most of us. For now, officials have asked us to remain indoors and not leave. Earlier, youngsters are leaving the house now for essentials and all the elderly members of the family are home. We were also helping our neighbours who need assistance, but with the new cases being identified, even this has changed. We are following BMC's orders as that's the right thing to do," she added.

Amid such times, the biggest concern is always to remain focused and hopeful. Bringing the conversation to an end, we asked her about the way the residents are staying positive, to which she replied, "To be honest, there is panic and it will remain. But, all we can do is this and there is no other option than staying positive. The situation is the same, as we were in the house back then and even today. Some of our neighbours are affected, but it has not impacted our daily routine. The way BMC officials are handling the situation is commendable and we pray this phase ends soon. However, I firmly believe that as a community we have grown stronger and once we all meet post the lockdown, we will have a changed outlook and a big smile on our faces."

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