Nupur Jain From ASE Club On How To Make Children Active Seekers Of Knowledge And Not Just Passive Listeners

In an exclusive interview with Nupur Jain, we discover about her initiative and how it helps in making concepts simplified for children.

Nupur Jain From ASE Club On How To Make Children Active Seekers Of Knowledge And Not Just Passive Listeners

It's a very common sight to see how children, irrespective of their age, rush for coaching classes as soon as they reach home from school. The aim of keeping them engaged in studies 24*7 doesn't really leave any space for them to ponder or explore their creativity.

Taking into account this current disturbing trend, the Founder and Concept Designer of Applied Science and Engineering (ASE) Club Nupur Jain started her initiative where kids get a chance to not only understand concepts in a personalised and simplified form but also traces the path to unleash their creativity along the way. Born in Mumbai and after spending a lot of time in the United States and closely observing their curriculum, Nupur Jain started the ASE Club which is now located at four places across Mumbai.  

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Talking about the brainchild of her initiative, Nupur Jain said, "We wanted the kids to experience science and Engineering the way it is done in Science Museums in United States. They have huge installations which are built on concepts and the kids interact with them to play. We have taken it a step further and once the kids have played and are curious we help them understand the concepts and apply them in their own way. We make sure that this is also done within the same philosophy of letting them learn through their own experiences."

Speaking about the kid's and parent's response she further stated, "the kids have responded really well. They love the freedom to express themselves. They enjoy the learning process being so stress free and fun. The children can talk confidently of the concepts they experienced and learnt at our club 2 years ago when they were as young as 4 years old.  We can see the growth in their thought process and making skills. Some parents believe in the process and can see that ASE Club is fundamentally helping their kid in developing their cognitive skills".

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Talking about her views and idea of an ideal upbringing, the mother of two concluded by saying, Newton had said that ‘he is standing on shoulders of giants’ . So, we need to provide a child with the wisdom of the generations before them to help them see beyond. However, we believe that every child has a unique thought process and we believe in what Khalil Gibran said for children. We as guides need to be stable and flexible to give them knowledge in a way that we are open to listening to their ideas and view and let them take their own journey.

Also one of the main reasons to focus on building strong science fundamental concepts is the enormity of problem statements in front of the kids and the amazing technological advances which are difficult to keep pace with. For the former, we are responsible to have created the problem and we need to provide them with the skillset and knowledge to solve these problems. For the latter, we need to build a mental temperament to be a lifelong student and enjoy the process. All this has to be done within the paradigm of being sustainable. 

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