Can feminism and motherhood co-exist? An insightful discussion between Meghna Pant, Seema Punwani and Swati Khandelwal

In the recent event that was held at World Trade Centre in Cuffe Parade, eminent authors discussed motherhood and feminism.

Can feminism and motherhood co-exist? An insightful discussion between Meghna Pant, Seema Punwani and Swati Khandelwal

Global marketing professional and author Seema Punwani, whose slice of life book 'Cross Connection' laced with wit and humour has sparked conversations across the world, was on a whirlwind tour to Mumbai. She spoke at various events on parenting, leading up to Mother’s Day, and offered interesting insights on motherhood, feminism and parenting.

 At a recent event at the World Trade Centre in Cuffe Parade, the audience witnessed an empowering panel discussion. Seema Punwani joined multiple award-winning and bestselling author, Meghna Pant (author of How to be Published in India and Feminist Rani) Dr. Swati Lodha (author of "54 reasons why parents suck) to discuss a very pertinent question: ‘Can feminism and motherhood co-exist?’

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Moderated by celebrated TV anchor Swati Khandelwal, the panellists seemed to agree that the word feminism may be seen increasingly as irksome.  However, since it represents the 'cohort that needs equality more' it remains relevant. The panel discussed wrong notions of 'the pressure to be a supermom' and moments of doubts that arise as a mother. 

As a society, we need to change the questions we ask women if someone is married the obvious question goes when is she going to have a kid, this should really change and she should be instead asked about her work and hobbies" reiterated Meghna Pant, while Dr Swati Lodha said, " Our social innovation must move away from enforcing pinks on girls and blues on boys.

In an exclusive candid conversation with Mumbai Live, Seema Punwani described her book as ' Cross Connection is all about second chances at Love and life'. Talking about her inspiration and favourite author, she said, I love reading translated works and my favourite book is Fredrick Backman's 'A man called Ove'. I'm down knead in admiration with J.K. Rowling and Chitra Divakaruni's Forest of Enchantments and Palace of Illusions. Talking about her definition of literary success she further said, for me, it's all about strangers finding themselves in my story.  

The event was curated by The Network, Commenting on the same, Reeta Gupta of The Network, herself a bestselling author said, "we can spark mindset change, one discussion at a time. Authors like Dr Swati Popat Vats, Meghna Pant, Dr Swati Lodha and Seema Punwani, as well as prominent names in Indian media such as Swati Khandelwal and Mansi Zaveri represent a new balanced consciousness that's shaping our society."

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