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    Find out how Mulund’s Syrian Christian Church helps feed people in need

    A very positive approach from the management as they're helping the people in need with a refrigerator and a microwave

    Find out how Mulund’s Syrian Christian Church helps feed people in need
    Mumbai  -  

    Mulund’s Syrian Christian church has become first-of-its-kind church who has installed a new refrigerator and a microwave oven on their premises. They have done so to provide hot home-made food to the poor and hungry.

    This has been going on since January 1 where 150-odd Malayali families of the North Bombay Mar Thoma Church have been depositing extra rotis, upma and left over from breakfast in the fridge.

    The food is not kept open but packed in foil containers along with expiry date mentioned on it. Poor and people in need, transgenders take what they want from the fridge. A security guard warms the food for them.

    Parish priest Rev Eapen Abraham told Times Of India,

    This venture 'Bhookha Na Rahe Koi' was started at the behest of Bishop Rt Rev Geevarghese Mar Theodosius who feels no one in the vicinity of our Mar Thoma churches should go to bed hungry."

    After this initiative, the church received several requests to replicate the effort in a civic hospital.

    This concept was pioneered in Bengaluru when the Rotary Bangalore Brigades installed a ‘Fridge of Kindness’ in restaurants.

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