Mumbai Dabbawallas set up Roti Bank to feed the needy

To donate or report the availability of excess food, please call on 9111891118 or visit


Mumbai Dabbawalas have gained a lot of importance in the lives of many Mumbaikars, and the team has set an example for being one of the best in management. They are also popular for initiating social causes, and being helpful for the ones in need. On an everyday basis, we come across a lot of food waste, especially in many ceremonies and occasions, the leftover good is thrown away. But, now the team has started one such bank which will take care of people in need.

As per news, Mumbai Dabbawalas’ chief Subhash Talekar and his associates thought of feeding poor people who stay on footpaths, and with a thought of providing food to cater their hunger, they came up with an idea of starting a Roti bank.

Former Maharashtra DGP D. Sivanandan along with UK-based businessman Nitin Khanapurkar launched the non-profit initiative under the leadership of Subhash Talekar. Till date, dabbawalas have provided tiffins on cycle, but with developing technology and increasing demand, they have been provided with GPS-tracked vans which will collect excess food from restaurants, eateries, clubs, five-star hotels, events, public functions or marriages, and distribute them to poor, hungry and needy people.

To kickstart the initiative, Sivanandan has donated the first van and the 'Mumbai Roti Bank' initiative is planning to roll out another three-four food vans shortly.

Mumbai Live is happy to spread the message and be a part of the noble cause. D Sivanandan and Mumbai’s Dabbawalas have urged Mumbaikars to not to waste excess food but to call Roti Banka who will pick up. If you wish to join hands to make a difference and bring the change, please dial 9111891118 or visit to donate and report the availability of excess food.

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