Mumbai First and The Souled Store beautify Mumbai Central Station

The initiative taken by the CEO of Mumbai First, Dr. Neville Shah, and his team focuses on making the city of Mumbai better and beautiful.


Mumbai First joined hands with The Souled Store recently to beautify Mumbai Central station. Mumbai First is an NGO, a public-private partnership which is working towards making Mumbai the best city in the world, by working with the people of the city.

The association sought permission from the railway authorities, where the designs were approved. Many Mumbaikars participated in this initiative where they painted many panels across 3-4 FOBs and stairs at the station. The Souled Store raised a request for people to participate and help in making this initiative a success.

Sharing more about the same, Dr Neville Shah, CEO, Mumbai First said, “Today, we are replicating what we did back in 2016. We are beautifying 36 railway stations beautifying them, making them colourful and bringing forth the spirit of Mumbaikars through colours and paintings. I’m glad that Mumbaikars have participated in this event and only wish that all the Mumbaikars to enjoy and maintain this art for a long period.”

Many such stations across the city will be painted over the next few months with an aim to make the city better.