Mumbai: Heart transplant patients make first-ever human heart chain as a sign of gratitude

On the occasion of National Heart Transplant Day, HN Reliance Foundation Hospital felicitated patients and announced a seven-day free Heart Screening Camp.

Mumbai: Heart transplant patients make first-ever human heart chain as a sign of gratitude

On the occasion of National Heart Transplant Day on August 3, a unique human heart chain made by Heart Transplant survivors was witnessed at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital. This was formed to express gratitude to the organ donors who gave them a second lease of life and encourage others to donate their organs and save lives.

The hospital also announced a free Heart Screening Camp, open to all for consultation from August 4-11 2022 from 3 - 6 pm. Basis the recommendation of the screening conducted by the Doctors, the patient can also avail an ECG and a 2D Echo at the hospital. This camp has been initiated to provide expert access to people across various strata of society.

As a mark of celebration and respect for the patients, Dr Anvay Mulay, Director, Advanced Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplant, Sir HN Reliance Hospital along with his team of expert doctors felicitated the heart transplant survivors. The building was lit red and will remain so for a week as a sign of commemoration.

One of the patients, Mumbai based 60-year-old Anirudh Nansi went on to win at the State Level Swimming Championship 2022 in less than a year of his heart transplant surgery. He was suffering from Cardiomyopathy since 2019 and was hospitalized through the year 2019-2020 due to his recurring illness. Anirudh is determined to make the most of his second chance in life and will continue to keep sports an active part of his life.

Another patient, 28-year-old Jaison Crasto has a very interesting story of how he got a second chance at life. He was working on a passenger cruise ship and had been ignoring symptoms like shortness of breath and coughing attributing it to sea air. When his symptoms got very severe, he was diagnosed with a rare disease called Coxsackie at a hospital in Los Angeles who analyzed that his heart function was only 6% and an urgent heart transplant was needed. It was March 2020 and there were many Covid-related restrictions. He was referred to Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and it was not a small feat to fly him down to Mumbai during the COVID lockdown. He is now living his second life with renewed optimism.

Dr Anvay Mulay, Director, Advanced Cardiac Surgery & Heart Transplant, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital shared, “It is my pleasure to announce the completion of 150+ successful heart transplant surgeries and I’m grateful for the support found in my team to achieve the milestone & celebrating the lives of these patients. I am elated to witness so many patients not only get a second chance to live, but also making the most of this opportunity. It is the high risk and uniquely complicated nature of cases that induce a sense of purpose in us and allows us to demonstrate the importance of an experienced multi-disciplinary team approach coupled with determination to ensure patient centric treatment and care. This landmark is also record of sorts and a moment of pride for us to acknowledge the impact on the lives around us. Additionally, it extends hope for a collaborative future by addressing the education towards organ donation so more & more people can benefit & get a quality life in times of health crises.”

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