Mumbai Police encourages home delivery of essential goods; Said to be in talks with e-commerce and retail stores

Mumbai Police encourages home delivery of essential goods; Said to be in talks with e-commerce and retail stores

Mumbaikars went into a panic after the Prime Minister’s address at 8 PM last night, announcing a nationwide deadline for 21 days. This resulted in people lining up outside grocery stores all across the country, taking the call for social distancing to a toss.

Further clarifications from the government eased the concerns somewhat, although essential service providers, including grocery delivery executives in Mumbai, have alleged harassment from the police during deliveries amidst the lockdown. 

Mumbai Police has now started two new phone helplines - 022-2493 7755 / 24937747 in addition to 100 which can be used by delivery personnel if they go through unnecessary harassment from the police.

“We will inform the concerned police station/s to provide them security and ensure hassle free journey. However, the individuals/groups should produce the required identity document/s as and when demanded by the police,” Mumbai Police spokesperson Pranay Ashok said.

The authorities are also assuring citizens of the city that there is no need to panic-buy groceries as the authorities will facilitate the safety of delivery officials across the city. The police also urged people to stay at home and use online delivery services as much as possible.

Additionally, it is said that the authorities are in talks with e-commerce and retail sellers across Mumbai to enhance their home delivery infrastructure to facilitate citizens of the city during the three-week lockdown.  

“This will not only reduce crowding at stores for essentials but reduce panic buying and hoarding,” Ashok added.

It is said that the police will offer security to delivery officials throughout the lockdown while also ensuring that packages are kept outside to avoid human interaction. It is also recommended to pay the amount online to stop the use and exchange of cash. 

The police are also said to be in talks with grocery and other essential goods stores to draw out cubicles with a distance of at least one meter apart outside for the grocers to practice adequate social and physical distancing.