#NotAfraid: These instagram accounts handle mental health boldly

Where the society still fails to understand mental health, social media as a community understands and handles topics like depression and anxiety quite gracefully.

#NotAfraid: These instagram accounts handle mental health boldly

Irrespective of how we have progressed as humans across the globe, mental health still remains a topic many people shy away from. Whether it is the social stigma associated with it or simply the inhibitions we may have to reveal a certain vulnerability, some people generally try and avoid telling family, friends, and acquaintances about something as simple as visiting a therapist. 

We do have a lot of films, books and other mediums actively used to support the ideology that depression, anxiety and the likes are nothing but normal issues any individual may experience. However, for the society we currently live in, talking about it is much simpler than executing it. We support mental health in words but rarely find ourselves accepting somebody’s frailties and understanding that a certain behaviour may have a backstory. 

However, with social media becoming a platform for people to freely express themselves, there is a huge community out there which understands and often indulges in conversations about being mentally different. Through experiences, art or simply a dialogue, the community extends massive support to those who need it. 

Where visuals tend to be the most impactful, in terms of influencing or healing through art, these instagram accounts spread a very positive message. 

Although there are people finely advocating the mental health narrative, social media has a dark side too. Using our sense of discretion to whether a certain subject is giving us solace or causing further damage is a personal analysis. Where there are accounts helping a cause, there are also those worsening the situation. If we tread carefully, the community by and large helps, supports and understands that mental health is nothing different from physical health. Seeking help is nothing different or unusual.

Photo Credits: The Artidote