Meet Sagir Deshmukh, who has devoted 63 years of his life saving cancer-struck patients

After working for 30 years at the Tata Memorial Hospital as a Medical Social Services Officer and closely looking at lives of cancer patients, Sagir was motivated to start his NGO ‘Can Care Trust’ in Borivali, that has aided more than 10,000 cancer patients from across the country


Once Albert Einstein said, ‘A life lived for others is a life worthwhile’. Little do we know that there’s a man out there, who has been acting upon these golden words for decades now, serving Cancer patients and helping them overcome the disease. This benevolent man is Sagir Deshmukh and works with an NGO ‘Can Care Trust, in Borivali. According to Sagir, true happiness lies in making the lives around you, better. This man is a real life saver, resuscitating several cancer patients who are now leading normal lives and has been a rock for those who could not be freed from the clutches of the deadly disease and also the crippled families these deceased left behind.

Sagir Deshmukh, 63, runs an NGO called 'Can Care Research Foundation' that aids sufferers of Oral cancer. The institute not only does provide medical treatment for cancer but also free food for the patients.

Sagir has served 30 years of his life working as a Medical Social Services Officer at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Cancer patients from all corners of the country come down to Tata Memorial Hospital for their treatment. Sagir has shared a close bond with the patients during his career at the hospital and that’s when the idea of starting an NGO hit his mind.

His service at Tata Memorial Hospital

During his career at Tata Memorial Hospital, Sagir came across many patients who had lost all willpower and hope of survival. He observed the common notion among the patients and their families that Cancer is incurable, which is a myth today as the disease can be treated if diagnosed in initial stages. According to him, the first and foremost feature that helps a person to beat cancer is inner faith. If one doesn’t have faith in one’s own self, even the most advanced treatments will fail to cure his being.

The inspiration to start his NGO

Sagir mentioned how closely he has looked into the lives of Cancer patients. The patients who dropped in the hospital to seek treatment often hailed from such remote parts of India whose names he would fail to pronounce. These patients did not even have the money for food, let alone means for accommodation. The financial conditions of these patients were so pathetic that they could not afford their own medication. After having regarded the pitiable lives of poor cancer patients, Sagir decided to stand up for them. Thus, he established an NGO Can Care Trust after his retirement in 2014.

The importance of positivity for cancer treatment

It’s easy to earn money but an optimistic perspective is a rare jewel. When a patient commits to our institute for his treatment, we first try to inculcate the value of optimism into his heart and mind by building a positive environment around him.” 

Sagir believes that the prime aspect of Cancer treatment is Optimism.

Visited cancer patients all over the country

The boundaries of Sagir’s social services are not limited to Mumbai alone. He has toured several states in the country, motivated cancer patients all around these places to stay positive and also helped them with their medical treatment by his NGO’s medium. 

Sagir has personally visited 620 patients throughout India.

In a vision to see India Cancer-free

Sagir wishes to see India emerge as a Cancer-free country. In his endeavor for his mission, he has organised free Cancer Awareness programmes across various parts of the country. With this programme, Saagir has touched the lives of more than 10,000 patients

Several doctors are now joining the Can Care Trust sensing the noble cause taken up by this great man. Considering the ripples of kindness that Sagir has created, he is at the epitome of social service and humanity.

To help the institute to grow bigger
Address: Can Care Research Federation
Shri Ji Shopping Arcade, Shop no. 27,
M.G. Road, next to G.S. School
Borivali west. Mumbai 66

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