Transgender leaders, ex-mayor, NGO's and political parties fight for women's reservation

Transgender leaders, ex-mayor, NGO's and political parties fight for women's reservation

In a cross-party workshop, leading up to the Silver Jubilee celebration of the passage of the women's policy in Maharashtra in 1994, the architect of the women's policy, Sharad Pawar appealed to the women of all parties to come together and make a difference.

The function was attended by women across party lines and across disciplines- symbolising the unified oneness of women: Neelam Gorhe, Nirmala Samant Prabhawalkar, Firoza Banu, Vandana Chavan, Shubha Raul, Vaidehi Wadhav and Vikram Ramesh Shinde among others.

"I appeal to all women in all political parties to come together to get the women's reservation bill passed in the Parliament. Women from all walks of life must raise their voices in support of the Bill,"  said Sharad Pawar.

The dignitaries kept their speech brief, with Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar making a strong point, "Why should women be the recipient of welfare, when it is her fundamental right."

Dr Neelam Gorhe said, "There is an actual impact because of the women's policy, on the ground. Change has happened and all of us sitting in this room are proof of that."

"Maharashtra was the first state to get 30% reservation for women in government jobs. Right to Education must be extended to 16 or 18 years, child marriages are happening in Pune as well. Working Women's hostels are needed and the Vishakha judgement has been put in the act," said MP Vandana Chavan, adding that the UN SDGs, refer to this category of goals to include women and girls, not just women.

Dr. Fauzia Khan invites women to create a blueprint for a women's policy for the next 45 years that would be taken to the state and the centre.

Supriya Sule summed up the event, saying that these 'Mahila Dhoran' must be held in every Zilla.

The organisers have created a separate email id where anybody can send written suggestions to be incorporated in the blueprint which is under creation.

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