NBA India Games 2019: League to begin grassroots community programmes in Mumbai

In what can be called a historic moment, it will be for the very first time that an NBA game will be played in India. The games are set to be played at the Dome NSCI, SVP Stadium


Ahead of the NBA India Games 2019, the National Basketball Association (NBA) will begin a series of grassroots community, youth basketball and elite development events and programmes that will envision to impact thousands of young people, teachers, coaches and families across Mumbai.

The NBA India Games 2019 will be played between the Kings and Pacers in Worli at NSCI Dome on October 4 and 5. This will mark the inception of the first games that teams from a North American sports league will be playing in India. 

Throughout the week, NBA Cares, Jr. NBA, Her Time to Play and NBA Academy programming will feature basketball clinics, community impact projects, and special events.

These are designed to encourage physical fitness, inspire play, empower women and girls and create sustainable, technology-equipped spaces to support STEM education for kids of all ages," its media release said.

Extending its initiatives ahead of the NBA India Games 2019, the NBA, Pacers, and Kings will support five under-resourced municipal schools in and around Mumbai, including Sitaram Mill Compound BMC Marathi School, where league and team executives and former NBA players will break ground on a new basketball court on October 5.

With an affiliated role from American India Foundation (AIF), this joint ‘Legacy Project’ will transform the educational experience of hundreds of Mumbai’s most under-served students for years to come.

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