Kirsten defends Dhoni, says wrong to doubt his abilities

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    Kirsten defends Dhoni, says wrong to doubt his abilities
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    Mumbai – Removing Mahendra Singh Dhoni from the captaincy of the Indian cricket team will be the biggest mistake, said Garry Kirsten, former coach of the world champion team. Kirsten answered in negative to a question whether to hand over the ODI team responsibility to Virat Kohli. “You can take this decision on your own, but as per my experience, all the great captains ended their careers with big wins. If someone wishes to remove Dhoni then India may lose the spectacular performance in the forthcoming 2019 Cricket World Cup. Dhoni is a great cricketer and it is wrong to doubt his abilities,” said the South African cricket legend. “Whenever I come to India, a question related to Dhoni’s future is asked to him but my answer has not changed in last three years. Dhoni is the best among the captains I have worked. Dhoni’s performance in last 9-10 years speaks a lot. He has led India to some spectacular wins in the prestigious tournaments,” Kirsten further said.

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