Masoom's sports event concludes

Masoom's sports event concludes

Kurla - The Masoom NGO had organised a sports programme for students from 40 night schools.

The programme includes various sports competitions including Kabaddi, Dodge ball and Running.
Result of the girls' running race -
1. Maya Gawde - Sane Guruji Night School
2. Chanchal Singh - Shree Krishna Night School
3. Jyoti Naidu - Bayan Vikas Night School
Result of the boys' running race -
1. Ajay Sitaram - Mulund Night School
2. Mohammad Ansari - Shree Krishna Night School
3. Hrishikesh Vijay - Alhad Maharashtra Night School
Masoom NGO holds this sports programme every year for the students of all the night schools in the city.