We need physical activity literacy-Gopichand

    We need physical activity literacy-Gopichand
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    Mumbai-Ace shuttler and Chief coach of the Indian Badminton team P Gopichand delivered the keynote address at the #Future Decoded event organized by Microsoft. While talking about various aspects of his life, the Arjuna Awardee spoke about his struggles, high points and life as a coach.

    He said that if you need something badly and pursue it, nature will conspire to make it happen. He added that in difficult times we compare ourselves with others about what we don’t have, but we are still much better than many others in the world. Its a journey, the perspective is important.

    Each experience is different, at the end of the day, whatever happens, never regret.
    He shared some interesting moments on the build up to the Rio olympics with P V Sindhu and how he took away her phone for 3 months. 
    He also shared an experience about him winning the All England tournament, and how he was not prepared for the reception back home. He said that he was lucky to have coached extremely talented students. The night before the All England final and the Rio final went sleepless due to anxiety. 
    In his concluding remarks he said that in the pursuit of excellence we should not forget the average kids who need to play. He said that kids, women and adults should play some sport all their life and India needs a physical activity literacy, not just a sports culture.

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