Mitron-app gains popularity; 9 billion videos viewed in a month

The social media app similar to Tik-Tok has seen a '9 billion video' views in a single month with 33 million users having downloaded the app from the Google Play Store.

Mitron-app gains popularity; 9 billion videos viewed in a month

Within a month of the government banning the Chinese app TikTok, the short-form video app Mitron has gained a huge audience on its platform. Nearly 9 billion videos have been viewed in a single month and 33 million users have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store.

Mitron is a free short video-making app. It is a social media platform for users to share their video-making skills. The Mitron app founder has replicated the interface of TikTok in several ways. It permits users to create short 15-second videos, where they can choose to create content with humour or show their talents.

Moreover, the interface of Mitron looks very similar to that of TikTok. It lets users create, edit, and share their videos, at the same time acting as the social media platform lets you browse through a library of top videos across the globe.

Launched jointly by Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal in April 2020, the Friends app has been popular from the very beginning. Catching the thread of light-hearted humour, people posted their innovative videos online which led to the restructuring of people's digital investment and entertainment, which is the purpose behind the establishment of this short-form video app.

Shivank Agarwal, founder and CEO of the app, said, “The concept behind developing the app was to give users a platform to watch and upload a variety of short videos. We are amazed at the popularity that the app has gained in such a short period of time. With millions of new videos being created on the Mitron platform, it is incredible. We thank all our app users for their daily dose of entertainment on this app,”

“We are getting a strong response from small towns and villages like Karnal, Hubli, Bhavnagar, Aligarh, Ludhiana and Vijayawada in the country. We have got more than 100,000 users from there,” added Shivank.

Co-founder and CTO Anish Khandelwal, in a statement, said, “The growth of our users is very encouraging. We are working hard to keep users engaged and to keep them on the app. Almost every user watches 80 videos every day. We are also confident that we will be able to increase engagement through a number of new production facilities,”

There are several reasons for the app doing well in the country. The app has been branded well with the use of the word ‘Mitron’. While Mitron means friends in English, it is also familiar amongst Indians as a word frequently used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Mitron app is also gaining popularity at a time when the use of TikTok has been banned in the country.

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