Jack Dorsey decides to bring political ads to an end on Twitter

"We've made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally," said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a statement here "We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought."

Jack Dorsey decides to bring political ads to an end on Twitter

In an attempt to curb promoted political ideologies, Twitter will be banning political advertising on its platform next month. The announcement was made by the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jack Dorsey, on Wednesday, through the microblogging site.

In response to counter the heat felt by its rival company Facebook for promoting political campaigns carrying ads that spread false information that could steer elections, Twitter decided to shut down all forms of 'chirping' regarding political ads.

Dorsey wrote on Twitter that paying for ads forces "targeted political messages on people" with a power that "brings significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes to affect the lives of millions." He added that it was not credible for Twitter to say it was trying to stop the spread of misleading information "buuut if someone pays us to target and force people to see their political ad...well...they can say whatever they want!"

As the announcement was made, several users applauded the move,

However, some of the users pointed out towards other issues on Twitter,

Meanwhile, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said that he does not think it is right for a company to censor politicians or the news in a democracy.

Speaking in Washington DC following weeks of criticism over the firm's decision not to ban political adverts that contain falsehoods, Zuckerberg said that he had considered barring all political ads on his platforms.

But he said he believed the move would favour incumbent politicians and whoever the media chose to cover.