Bigg Boss 14: Twitterati slams Kavita Kaushik for her double standards, hails Eijaz Khan as captain cool

Bigg Boss 14: Twitterati slams Kavita Kaushik for her double standards, hails Eijaz Khan as captain cool

 In Thursday episode people saw Kavita blasts out on Eijaz for calling her his best friend given that Kavita has never shared a bond with Eijaz outside the house. Kavita is upset that because of Eijaz she is not able to make connections with the other contestants and they have a preconceived notion about her. She also claimed that Eijaz had used her fame and also used it is because of her that he came out of the red zone.

We also saw Eijaz questions Kavita while she gets agitated. It is told that after Eijaz became the captain he called out Kavita for not following the rules but that does not go well with Kavita. Following the fight, Eijaz gets very upset with Kavita and cries his heart out in front of Nikki.

After the fight was aired, Twitter was flooded with messages on how cool Eijaz remained and did not lose his cool despite the name-calling by Kavita. 

Producer, Actor Sandip Sikcand mentioned that it feels like Kavita is still in her character from FIR and someone needs to tell her to snap out of the same. 


Kavita's good friend Kamya Punjabi was seen defending the actor as she mentions that if Eijaz was as thick with Kavita as he claims then why did he press the swap button. Eijaz as the captain of the house has been given the power to swap the people in the red zone with the ones in the red zone. In Thursday episode, we saw the choice was between Nikki and Kavita and he decided to swap the two and now as a result, Nikki is in the green zone while Kavita is in the red zone. 

After the show, the photos of Eijaz and Kavita from their birthday parties also went viral with people asking questioning the latter's motive. They even went on to ask, if as per Kavita's admission, she was closer to Abhinav then how come he was not invited to her birthday parties. 

Eijaz too in his conversation with Naina Singh alleged that when he was going through a rough patch both Kavita and her husband had called him up and tried to cheer him. 

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