Bigg Boss 14: Sara Grupal becomes the first contestant to be evicted

Bigg Boss 14: Sara Grupal becomes the first contestant to be evicted

There was a special surprise in tonight's episode as not only it was the first time that the contestants were asked to nominate their fellow housemates but also the first eviction. Salman Khan had pulled up everyone during the Weekend ka Vaar episodes. At the end of the Sunday's episode, he had also asked the housemates to pack their bags. 

Today all housemates were asked to nominate two people each. All the names that were taken by the housemates were added to the nomination list by Bigg Boss. He then gave seniors the special power to decide who from the people nominated should be asked to leave the house. After much deliberation, Sara's name was chosen. Sidharth Shukla was very firm in his decision that Sara should be the one to go. While Gauahar and Hina were still indecisive and wanted either Rahul Vaidya or Nishant Singh Malkhai to leave the house. 

Gauahar and Hina were of the opinion that Sara should get the benefit of the doubt and be given another week to show people what she has got.

Sara Grupal is a singer from Punjab. Before coming in the show when Mumbai Live had got a chance to speak to the chirpy girl, she was very excited. She had shared that she always knew that one day she will get the chance to be in Bigg Boss's house and her dream was finally coming true. Sara had mentioned that people will get to see how Punjabi people are open-hearted through her. 

In her short stay at the house, she did manage to impress the housemates with her paranthas. 

While Sara was inside the house, Tushar Kumar had alleged that he was her husband. He had also shared a marriage certificate and wedding pictures on social media. He had later in an interview said that, "I think we are over it now. I have no feelings left for her. We are done and we have both moved on. I hope she is going to find somebody but whoever she finds like, she shouldn't take it for like fame or anything.”

Everyone in the house was disappointed with Sara's evicted. Jasmin broke down and was given some advice by Sidharth and Hina. While Jaan was feeling guilty about nominating her in the first place.