Colors TV launches 'Vidya' with Meera Deosthale and Namish Taneja

The launch of Colors TV's new show Vidya was recently held in a school in Mumbai, where the lead cast Meera Deosthale and Namish Taneja shared their thoughts about the story and their journey


After launching shows like Bahu Begum, Chotti Sardarni, and Luv Kush, Colors TV is back with a new show, this time focusing on the quality of education offered in the smaller pockets of the country. Titled 'Vidya' the show is a social drama revolving around Vidya (Meera Deosthale) who despite not knowing English teaches the same in a local school. The show will shed light on her journey, challenges and a lot more. Paired along with Meera is Namish Taneja who will essay the role of Vivek Vardhan Singh, a district magistrate. 

The launch of the show was recently held in a unique manner, amid kids, in a school located in Mumbai suburbs. The leads of the show enacted their roles giving a perspective of what 'Vidya' will talk about, and shared their thoughts about this social drama.

In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, actress Meera Deosthale said, "I was intrigued with the show as the concept of the show is strong. It's about education and is based on the actual scenario that exists in certain states of India. When I heard the concept, I realised that the subject should be spoken about, and people would connect with it because they'll understand something about it. The show isn't about English but talks about education and it's importance. If a person isn't educated, he/she eventually becomes underconfident with low self-esteem. It is important to be educated as one needs to be equipped to survive in a progressive world today."

Adding to this, Namish Taneja, shared his preparation for the character and said, "I play a district magistrate, and to ensure I look apt for the character, I have put myself on a diet and a regime where I neither want to look lean nor a bodybuilder. This is something I started working as per the brief. Besides this, I also looked at YouTube videos which are available in the public domain and also understood who and what a DM is, and his influence in the city/town. I had to understand the sensibilities and the mannerisms about the position."

Created and developed by Mahesh Pandey, Vidya will go on air on colors from September 9, 2019.

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