'Tenali Rama' has been a life-changing journey for me: Krishna Bharadwaj

Sab Tv's popular show Tenali Rama has crossed over 400 episodes recently, in a candid interaction Krishna Bharadwaj aka Tenali shared his experience of his ongoing journey

'Tenali Rama' has been a life-changing journey for me: Krishna Bharadwaj

Sometimes some characters overpower an artist and it becomes immortal for the rest of the world, something similar has happened with actor Krishna Bharadwaj for his stint in Sab TV's ongoing show Tenali Rama.

The actor says that the show has helped him evolve and marks a major milestone in his career. “It has been a life-changing journey for me. I am what I am because of the show. It has helped me get popular and earn a decent amount of money. This show has created a benchmark in my career. It has been such an amazing journey with the show. Physically, emotionally and spiritually I have grown."

The show has crossed 400 episodes and Krishna couldn’t be happier. “I Never thought that the show will be so successful. When we completed 100 episodes, I thought that even 100 more episodes will be more than enough. But now, when we celebrate the 400-episode mark, I feel the show has the potential to sustain until 1000 episodes,” he says.

It is teamwork that has made the show such a huge success, says Krishna. “I can’t give the credit of the success of the show to one person or one department. All the departments have contributed to making it a major success. This is a very difficult show for the makers, as all the emotions need to be shown like comedy, drama, and suspense. Everyone has been amazing and needs to be applauded,” he says.

The actor loves working with the rest of the team. “I am close to Nimisha Vakharia and Manav Gohil. We’re like best friends on the set. I really respect and admire Pankaj Berry. We have Tom and Jerry-like scenes, and we put in a lot of effort to ace them. it is such a close-knit unit and I love being part of it,” he says.