Mohit Nain to play the new lead in AndTV's 'Perfect Pati'

His character Kabeer will be the new entry in the show from January 2 (Wednesday) and will be paired against Sana Amin Sheikh


AndTV's popular show, Perfect Pati, is all set to get its new leads. It has been reported that Sana Amin Sheikh will be playing the new lead in the show. It has also come to our notice that Mohit Nain will be the new lead paired opposite Sana, and will be playing Kabeer in the AndTV drama, which will see a plot change.

Talking about the same, he said, "I'm playing Kabeer in the new show, and he will play the lead on Perfect Pati. The vibe on the set is quite positive, and everyone has been supportive of this show. Working with Jaya Pradhaji is exciting. I will get to learn a lot from her as she is a senior actor. This is my first show as a lead, and I excited to work along with Sana Amin Sheikh. I did not prepare much for the show. There is a 'Delhi-wala-swag' in the character who lives for today and not thinking about tomorrow. The only preparation I have done is by observing people from Delhi."

Sharing more information about his role, Mohit added, "My character (Kabeer) will enter at a point where it changes the plot. I and my friends will receive a coffin with the actress (Sana). With time, Kabeer and Sana develop an adorable chemistry. He is highly alcoholic and he prefers to stay away from marriage. Vidhi's (Sana) entry in his life will change him as a person, as they develop a bitter-sweet relationship. He wants to leave everything behind and loves spending time with her."

If sources are to be believed, Sayali has been advised bed rest for two months and hence has opted out of the show.

Mohit's entry as Kabeer will be on-air from January 2, 2019.