Teachers' Day: Popular TV personalities share what acting has taught them as a guru

Teachers' Day: Popular TV personalities share what acting has taught them as a guru

They say 'Life is the best teacher' as it teaches us many lessons, and we learn a lot from it with the work we do. This Teacher's Day, we asked popular actors who are currently working in TV shows about what their life and their profession, i.e., acting taught has taught them. With a tedious and never-ending struggle, these actors have made a mark for themselves and most definitely have instances to share about their learning which has and is going to help them become better performers, and more importantly a better person. Here's what they had to say...

Ankit Bathla (Currently plays Arjun in &TV's Paramavatar Shri Krishna)

Acting has taught me an insight into different characters and how each one reacts and also being professional and teamwork. My recent show Paramavtaar Shree Krishna has given me an insight about our Indian mythology to an extent that I could never imagine.

Krishna Bharadwaj (Currently plays Tenali in SAB TV's Tenali Rama)

Acting makes us live other characters in life. To think like somebody else, to behave like somebody else, to talk, to walk, to love, to hate, to become a different entity altogether. I would talk about the two characters I played that changed my thought process in life n made me a better person. First was Dev Sanghvi in my Gujarati film 'Chal Mann Jeetva Jaiye' where I learned to see things intimately n minutely. I learnt to contemplate things from a second person view. The dialogues I said as Dev were so insightful that they still remain in my mind n heart. Second character that has taught me a lot is Tenalirama. Playing Tenalirama made me a much much happier person than I was before. The wittiness, the energy, the intelligence, the compassion that this character has taught me is indescribable. Yes life is a lesson and we learn a lot from it but when we have acting as our profession we learn double, we see double, we hear double and we live double.

Dhruv Bhandari (Popular for his shows like Rakt Sambandh and Star Plus' Tere Sheher Mein)

Acting has always been the most important passion. It has taught me characteristics like patience and has kept me in sync with my truest emotion. The craft has taught me discipline and made me a disciple of life, where I want to continue learning forever. Whatever my dad taught me in the initial days, I still work on it and use his guidance to make myself better.

Ssumier Pasricha (Popular for his character Pammi Aunty, and seen in Colors'TV's Sasural Simar Ka)

Acting taught me to live life from other people's perspective. Being someone which u r not from with. Being in their shoe, In short characterization

Ripu Daman Handa (Winner of Masterchef India and popular chef)

The fruit of patience is sweet is what I have learned from my teachers when I was in school. It’s the key to achieve success in any field you choose. It’s working for me. Tried and tested 

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