Autos to be impounded in Aurangabad if drivers have not taken COVID vaccine

Autos to be impounded in Aurangabad if drivers have not taken COVID vaccine

The state government of Maharashtra has constantly asked the citizens to get vaccinated for coronavirus (COVID-19), however, vaccine hesitancy and negligence has spread across many areas in Maharashtra, due to which many citizens have not got their second dose of the vaccine voluntarily.

To ensure the same, the government with local bodies are taking necessary step to create awareness. Taking further action, officials from Aurangabad district have decided to impound autorickshaws or impose fine if the driver has not been vaccinated for COVID-19. Reports state that the drivers will be permitted only if they have taken atleast one jab of the vaccine. Moreover, similar plans have been made for tour and travel operators who will not be allowed to sell tickets to those passengers who are not vaccinated.

Directives were issued by district collector Sunil Chavan, on Monday, November 22, 2021, and the order will be implemented from Thursday, November 25, 2021. The decision behind the step was taken after understanding the rising cases and vaccine hesitancy rate in Aurangabad where the coverage report shows that the citizens have not shown interest in being vaccinated. Data reveals that only 27.78% of the entire 32,24,677 targeted population has received both the doses of COVID vaccine, whereas only 64.36% of people have been given the first dose until Monday, November 22, 2021. 

A release regarding the same was sent from the civic body and the regional transport office which identified the same. Directives were given to petrol pump operators to stop selling petrol to drivers who weren’t vaccinated, as this could risk their lives since many passengers use this mode of transport. Officials plan to check the vaccination certificates as well. Similar plans are being implemented at hotels and shops, whereby documents of owners, labourers, will be checked, and if the rules are flouted, the establishment will be sealed and action will be taken by the concerned departments. 

COVID vaccine hesitancy has been a common problem in Aurangabad and the local administration, for many weeks now, has imposed several restrictions by barring entries, checking certificate and documents etc. before allowing the public in the premises of historical centres and monuments.

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