Toll-free roads will be an instant dream for Mumbaikars as motorists will have to pay a toll for the next 35 years while commuting on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.     

This has been done to settle the contractor’s bill which has gone up to INR 214 crore and so the toll would be charged till 2052. The same has been approved by the state government confirmed Kiran Kurundkar, Joint Managing Director of Maharashtra State Roads Development Corporation (MSRDC). Along with Bandra-Worli Sea Link, the same will be applicable for Bandra-Versova Sea Link which will be completed in next few years. 

Initially, the cost of Bandra-Worli Sea Link was INR 1306 crore but it went up to INR 1634 in 2008. Owing to the increased cost, motorists will have to pay toll until 2039-40. The cost went up further due to the construction cost, permission of environment board by INR 580 crore.

Are these "Achhe Din?"

The state government is conveniently avoiding the toll scam and instead of abolishing it, they increased it for the next 35 years. If the government would have carried out the audit with regards to toll collection, then the cost would not have gone up and MSRDC & contractor alliance would have been exposed. I will be writing to chief minister about the same." 

Sanjay Shirodkar, toll analyst.

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