Will BEST Corporation employees initiate a strike tomorrow onwards?

While Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) have been finding acceptance from the public, the Corporation seems to face a new issue as the employees have indicated that they will go on a strike August 7 onwards if their demands are not met


After receiving support from the public, Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) are looking at a potential issue hovering over themselves as the BEST Corporation employees have indicated going on a strike August 7 onwards. The BEST Workers Union has made it clear that if their demands are not fulfilled, the employees will continue their protest against the bus company.

In the meantime, the corporation has appealed to its employees to resolve the conflicts instead of going on a strike. But the Workers' Union has decided to stay adamant on their decision and accordingly, have decided to meet and discuss the strike strategy on August 6, Tuesday. After the meeting is concluded, the Union's stance about the strike will be clear.

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Earlier, the Union had resorted to protesting in January after the bus corporation had turned a deaf ear towards their demands. However, as the employees went on a strike for nine days, the bus company was left stranded and after which, only upon Bombay High Court's intervention, the protest was called off.

After the strike, the BEST Corporation had assured the employees about arranging a meeting to pay heed to their demands, the workers union alleged that the meeting never took place. Therefore, in order to once again ensure that their voices don't go unheard, the employees may go on a strike August 7 onwards, which will be BEST Corporation's 73rd anniversary. 

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In the meantime, the meeting will be held at the Shirodkar Hall at 5:00 pm today. However, prior to this, BEST's Action Committee and the BEST officials will hold a meeting at 2:00 pm.  


  • Immediate implementation of the resolution to merge BEST Corporation's 'C' budget with BMC's 'A' budget
  • Employees appointed after April 2007 should get 10 point hike in salaries and wages
  • Higher grade pay of ₹7,930 for around 14,000 junior grade employees appointed between 2007 to 2016.
  • Pay the bonus from FY 2016/17 to FY 2017/18 similar to BMC employees 
  • The staff service accommodation question should be resolved promptly
  • Begin Compassionate Ground Appointment on an immediate basis

BEST to roll out 1250 new buses

A few days ago, the bus company had decided to introduce 400 AC buses to expand its operations across the metropolitan city. However, making an addition to its current task force, BEST is now planning to roll out 1250 new AC buses.

BEST Committee Chairman Anil Patankar announced that the 1250 buses will consist of Mini, Midi, and Electric AC buses which are being brought to enhance the travelling experience for the passengers.  

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